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Music possesses the capability to stir up intense feelings and communicate with people on an intimate level. The titles of a song are a critical part in this process by creating the atmosphere for the listener’s journey and presenting a backdrop for the lyrics and notes to come. Even though streaming platforms and playlists have become popular, song titles are still significant in music for a few reasons. 

To start with, song titles perform as a type of advertisement for the artist. An artistically composed title can encompass the song’s meaning and give the audience a preview of what to expect. It can also help a song stand out in a crowded environment, where people do not have much time to spare and first impressions are important. In an age where musicians are constantly releasing material, a noteworthy title can give the song the push it needs to make an impact with followers and critics.

Additionally, song titles can provide valuable context for the listener. Whether it’s a straightforward description of the song’s subject matter (“Woman” by Simi) or a more abstract reference to the mood or feeling it evokes (“Tight Condition” by King Perryy ft. Victony), a title can help listeners connect with the song on a deeper level. It can also help them remember the song and associate it with specific moments or memories in their lives.

Furthermore, song titles can be used to create thematic connections between different songs on an album or within an artist’s catalog. For example, Joeboy’s album Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic features song titles that evoke a celebration of love in its myriad forms, such as “Show Me,” “Runaway” and “Lonely.” These titles help to create a cohesive, unified experience for listeners and reinforce the album’s overall theme.

In some cases, song titles can even become iconic in their own right. Think of songs like “Essence” by Wizkid and Tems, or “Calm Down” by Afropop superstar Rema – these titles have taken on a life of their own and are instantly recognizable to music fans around the world. Similarly, more recent hits like “Abrakadabra” by Rexxie, Naira Marley, and Skiibii, or “Common Person” by Burna Boy have become cultural touchstones thanks in part to their catchy, memorable titles.

It’s clear that not all song titles are memorable or even good, with some being downright awkward. However, the quality of the title doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the song. The ideal situation is to find a balance between being imaginative and descriptive while still accurately depicting the track’s content and genre.

At the end of the day, song titles are still very influential in the music world as they allow for an emotional connection between the artist and the audience. A well-crafted title can encapsulate the spirit of the song, provide a context, and even become iconic in its own right. As the music industry is constantly changing, song titles will remain a vital aspect of the creative process for musicians and a significant portion of the listener’s experience.